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Molasses (Black Treacle) in the Middle East is used to describe the sweet brown viscous product that results from sugarcane refinement into sugar. Used historically to sweeten food, as well as a famous coking & baking ingredient, “Cane Molasses” is widely known and used around the world. Middle East consumers have been using Molasses for many years. It is mainly used as a dip, ingredient in limited recipes, and a source of natural immunity booster against common colds. However, we believe the use of Molasses has only scratched the surface in our region compared to the rest of the world. Molasses is known to have antioxidant properties. It is also tied to several health benefits such as increasing blood circulation & reducing stress. In addition, it is famous for being a natural energy booster. This is attributed to Molasses containing essential minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, manganese, & phosphorus. Molasses are also a source of vitamins B3 & B6, while being low in fat. The Taghzeya Foods Molasses are processed in our multi-stage line. This sophisticated process ensures the product we offer you is in its purest & most consistent form, while making sure it carries all the rich benefits consumers look for in Molasses. Below is our current portfolio of Molasses offerings to suit your various demands.

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