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Halva is one of our famous traditional Middle Eastern desserts that originated in the Levant region. Also called Halva, Helva, Halava, Alva, and other similar names, it is widely known & served in several regions around the world in varying recipes. But, in our region, it’s a sesame based (tahini) dessert with a delicious crumbly texture. For 200 years, Halva has been regarded as the sweet staple product in Middle Eastern households. It became part of our breakfast culture. When you mention Halva to Egyptian consumers, they immediately think of family gatherings at Friday (weekend) breakfasts. It’s the sweet taste they were raised to love that can be served in many different forms to suit their needs. Halva is also highly recognized as an energy booster due to its sesame base & sugar content. Also regarded as one of the oldest food supplements in the world, as Halva contains a combination of proteins, amino acids, dietary fibers, & essential minerals. At Taghzeya Foods, we combined decades of experience in the manufacturing of Halva from around the Middle East region to come up with our special recipe. Using the finest sesame seeds, other high quality ingredients, & our state of the art machinery, and the result is a sweet experience you will never get enough of. Below is our current portfolio of Halva offerings we know will meet your demands, while our R&D team are always working on innovations to capture developing consumer needs.


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