Company Background

Taghzeya Foods was established in 2017 as a subsidiary of Feather Invest, an Egyptian Private Equity firm that focuses its investment efforts on industrial & manufacturing businesses. We specialize in the manufacturing & distribution of Oriental Food products in Egypt and the Middle East.

Recently, Taghzeya Foods acquired the rights to produce products under the Arafa brand, a pioneer name in the Halva, Tahini, & Molasses markets in Egypt.

With a complete overhaul & re-launch of Arafa brand in 2019, our aim is to bring the brand back to its prominence that occupies a historical market status in the hearts & minds of our consumers.

Operating out of a state of the art manufacturing facility in 6th of October city, Taghzeya Foods offers a wide range of Halva, Tahini, & Molasses products in a variety of consumer packs that cater to modern-day needs. In addition, we offer our products in practical bulk packs suitable for B2B, institutions, & export.

And, with our Commercial HQ based in Qatameya, we ensure efficient service levels that allow us to maintain speedy & focused relationships with our trade partners, and -as a result- best serve our consumers.

Built on a foundation of solid expertise & close & continuous support from our mother company, Feather Invest, the team at Taghzeya Foods aims at growing the company into the future to be among the leading manufacturers of household food products.

Wael Khattab

CEO of Taghzeya Foods

Pillars Of Success

Company Vision:

A tastier life is in its simplicity

Company Mission

To become a leading premium manufacturer of high quality & innovative household food offerings that cater to all family members

Company Values:

Consumer is king

Everything we do is focused on better catering to our consumers & making them satisfied with our offerings. They are our livelihood & why we exist

Knowledge is power

We proceed confidently with our plans & initiatives because we make sure we constantly have a solid & updated understanding of our company, our consumer, our economy, our market, and our competition

Innovation is not a luxury, it’s a must

With the dynamics of our market, & our offerings facing tough indirect competition from other categories, we cannot afford to be the same. We strive to offer something different/extra in our products, packaging, distribution, & communication

Pragmatism is how we play

We are committed to conduct World Class relationships with our stakeholders (shareholders, consumers, trade, suppliers, …etc.). And, these relationships will be built on our unwavering code of ethics

Ethics are our citadel

We are committed to conduct World Class relationships with our stakeholders (shareholders, consumers, trade, suppliers, …etc.). And, these relationships will be built on our unwavering code of ethics

Our Company

Manufacturing Facility

Operating out of Engineering Square industrial complex in 6th of October city, our 8,000 square meter state of the art manufacturing facility is perfectly designed to cater for the demands of our market, with a setup to accommodate our growth in the years to come.

Our full fledged manufacturing facility hosts all necessary functions in a seamless and efficient design that allows for the highest ROI of every square meter. And, benefiting from the latest ERP system, our facility & manufacturing functions are considered the beating heart of our S&OP cycle that allows us to stay ahead of our game and deliver on our ambitious plans.

And, with our Research & Development, Quality Assurance, Industrial Safety, & Quality Control teams supported by the latest tools & training they need to best do their jobs, we ensure that we will always deliver on our promises to our consumers of innovation, high quality, & top level food safety.

Production Capabilities

With machinery assembled from Germany, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Lebanon, & Egypt, we were able to develop the following 5 Best In-Class production & processing lines

  • Sesame processing line
  • Tahini production & packaging line
  • Halva production & packaging line
  • Halva Bar production & packaging line
  • Molasses processing & packaging line

The team that built and now operates our factory combine more than 250 years of expertise in the manufacturing of Halva, Tahini, & Molasses across the region; Namely in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, & Sudan. An accumulation of experience that gave them a wide exposure that enables them to understand the needs of consumers in our extended markets in the Middle East.


For Taghzeya Foods to secure its high quality standards across the board, we had to partner with World Class suppliers of Raw & Packaging materials. Our partners combine decades of experience & industrial certification in Egypt & the Middle East of delivering top quality raw & packaging materials to ensure our consumers’ satisfaction with their product experience from beginning to end.

Feather Invest was founded in 2015. It is an investment firm with expertise on industrial turnarounds. The founders of Feather Invest bring decades of investment & management experience all over the Middle East region, with their goal being the combination of sound investment decisions with the right talent to deliver successful turnarounds.

We are proud to be the mother company of Taghzeya Foods, our first investment in Egypt that was concluded in 2017. Going with its approach of disruptive and operationally driven industrial investments, Feather Invest views Taghzeya Foods’ as a flagship investment that showcases the firm’s management and operating expertise and intends to lead Taghzeya Foods to be among the market leaders of Halva, Tahini, & Molasses in a short period of time. We built Taghzeya Foods with these goals in mind, and have no doubt we will achieve them with the top notch teams and well thought through strategy we have engaged in Taghzeya Foods.

The firm aims to be guided by a set of values which we truly believe in. At the heart of these values is Integrity in every action and agreement. We maintain an irreproachable level of honesty, integrity and transparency with our investors, our people and other stakeholders of our business. We do not believe in taking a back seat. Hands-on Active Leadership is how we ensure our investments are engineered to succeed. Unconventional Thinking is our means to finding new solutions. We believe in the success of every one of our investment ventures; and hence we contribute our own private capital as part of our Equity Participation program as a recognition of our confidence in the value we build. We also focus significantly on Teamwork, as we combine the efforts of every individual in our team and unleash their talent, skill and experience to achieve seamless performance.

Feather Invest believes in building Rewarding Relationships that provide overall satisfaction, fulfillment & inspiration. And finally, we measure our performance & fuel our growth by delivering attractive Financial Returns to our investors, people & our firm.

Our mission at Feather Invest is to establish a new benchmark for credible & profitable Private Equity investments. We identify unique opportunities to grow the value of investments through operational excellence and transparent, ethical business practices that return real added value to our investors in sectors that are vital to the economic growth of the nation. Ultimately, we build our firm to be known for operational excellence, and inspiring life changing experiences for the firm and all parties involved with it.

At Taghzeya Foods, every team member is highly valued. We are a close family who believes & trusts in one another. The combined years of experience, competencies, & efforts of each one of us is what pushes our company forward. And, while we do our best every day, we also bring the best out of each other in this professional & collaborative environment we proudly built.

Taghzeya Foods CEO

Wael Khattab
Taghzeya Foods CEO

To communicate with us, send us an email at [email protected]